Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Belated Easter Post

Hi ladies! I have been busy with family and crafting and all sorts of stuff that I haven't had a minute to catch back up with you all. My apologies. I have a lot non-nail polish related content I will be sharing with all of you lovely ladies in some upcoming posts. I had an early morning seeing my family off then I took my huskies on a walk and watered my flowers and now I am jumping back into catching up on my posts!

I am so happy because I was gifted a great new Power Shot Cannon camera as an early birthday present so all of these photos were taken with it!

A while back I had a quick post about having bought Not a Peep! by Sally Hansen Salon Effects. This is what I wore over the Easter weekend. I really like the Sally Hansen stickers. I have worn them before on one occasion for Halloween. They are straight-forward to apply and they last! I haven't tried any other brand of nail stickers to be able to give any comparisons, but I have seen posts with a lot of nail stickers that peel on the tips of your nails. I haven't had this issue with either of my two applications.

my peeps nails in front of my homemade peeps wreath :-)

natural sunlight

In that last photo you get a good angle at how the stickers lay nice and flat against the tip of my nails. If you aren't familiar with how you apply nail stickers it's quite simple; First you remove the protective plastic cover on the polish side then peel the cover off of the sticky backside. Carefully line the sticker up with your nail and smooth it on (base coat isn't really required and neither is a top coat though it doesn't hurt). Trim the excess sticker, feel free to reuse the excess if your nails are short enough that you did not need the full length, and you gently file the tips to smooth it over. These stickers are real polish and you remove with nail polish remover just as you would any normal polish.

Aren't they just adorable?! I'm all for stamping and freehand nail art, but for those of  you who don't have the time or the patience to go finger by finger, I would HIGHLY recommend that you try these out. They have such great detail I know I could not achieve on my own.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter filled with lots of delicious chocolates and Cadbury Eggs!


  1. this is really cute! too bad i never saw them during the easter season, i wouldve snatched it right up!

    1. I cut most of mine in half so I will have extras to use it again next year. :-)


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