Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fuzzy Mint Nails

Happy Earth Day! In honor of it I have a green manicure to share with you lovely ladies today. I told you all I had something a little different planned for a weekend post and here it is...FUZZY NAILS. This unique technique has been popping up recently in blogs like Let Them Have Polish and The PolishAholic. My sister is actually the one who told me about this and at first I thought it was, well...weird, but she took me out to Michaels with her and bought herself some flocking powder. What is flocking powder you might ask? Very good question. Flocking powder is made of pulverized wool or felt and it's used mainly in scrapbooking to add texture to a page. She left me a container so I could try it and now I have. Take a look! :-)

I know at first it seems different, but it grows on you! This is definitely not an everyday thing and in fact is probably only a 1-day manicure as water or lotion could ruin the fluffy effect. Nevertheless, I think this was a fun and different technique to try out. It was super simple too. Apply a clear base or top coat to your nail and while it's still wet gently dunk it into a pile of the flocking powder. To get off the loose bits and chunks and to make sure the flocking powder was secure on my clear coat, I lightly tapped/pressed on it. I recommend doing this over paper towel or something as it can get messy with powder flying all around! I didn't apply anything on top of it.

I hope you got a kick out of this fuzzy mani like I did! Happy Earth Day and thanks for popping by!


  1. Cool! I like it a lot in green. I have some in blue I haven't sat down and tried yet. Your's looks especially fuzzy :)

  2. Haha these are so funny! I laugh every time I see the fuzzy nails but I LOVE it in this color! It almost looks like the lining of Easter baskets!

  3. my first thought. wow this looks like fun dip that had a mind of its own,


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