Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Embroidery Thread Easter Eggs

Happy Wednesday, ladies! As I said a few posts back I have a couple non-polish related posts I am planning on sharing. Today is one of them.

I have been on a huge Pintrest kick lately taking ideas for food, crafts and decorations from this awesome internet sensation. I did have a post back around St. Patrick's Day where I made some Pintrest food and a Peeps Wreath when my sister Jessica came to visit. Over the Easter holiday, Jessica and my parents came to visit and us girls did another cute craft we took from Pintrest.

embroidery thread easter eggs
Here is the tutorial Pintrest link for these cute eggs. We made one big change with ours in that instead of using fabric stiffener we used Mod Podge since I already had some. The Mod Podge was very messy, but we didn't mind. Although, it was a bit difficult to remove the balloon at the end when it dried. Here are some pictures of making these eggs:

blown up small balloon hung with thread and ready to work with
my Mom adding her Mod Podged embroidery thread over a balloon
some of the completed eggs hanging to dry
This was a fun and fairly simple, if not messy, craft. We always used to decorate Easter eggs when we were growing up as a family, but in the last few years we have fallen out of this habit. This year it was like us girls got to decorate our own homemade "Easter eggs" so it was fun! I also think they turned out very cute. The fabric was still a bit malleable at the end after it was dried, so maybe the fabric stiffener would have been the better option, but I am pleased with the end result.

I don't plan on making this my last post about Pintrest, so I hope you don't mind! Enjoy your evening and thanks for popping by!

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