Friday, December 14, 2012

Mrs. Claus Nails

Hello lovelies. It's been a while and unfortunately I probably won't have time for another post until after the holidays.

I wanted to pop in and let you all know I haven't abandoned my blog (well, not permanently). I also finally made some time to do my nails which have been naked since *gasp* November! I had to do something seasonal for Christmas!

Behold, my Mrs. Claus nails! I found this design via Pinterest, originally from the blog Colores De Carol.

Mrs. Claus Christmas Nails in ZOYA Belle
Mrs. Claus nails
ZOYA Belle & CG Innocence
Colors used:
   ● base color - CHINA GLAZE Innocence
   ● Mrs. Claus suit - 3 coats ZOYA Belle
   ● white lining - WET n WILD French White Crème
   ● belt - WET n WILD Black Crème
   ● belt buckle - COLOR CLUB Disco Nap

I use the corner of cut pieces of tape to get the chevron shape and used a dotting tool for the white trim and details. I love this design and I think it is a fun, girly take on Christmas santa nails.

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe Christmas if I don't get another post in.

Thanks for popping in!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Wicked Giveaway Re-Draw

Hey all. My computer is still on the fritz. The power supply I ordered has been 45min away since 1am Saturday morning and somehow failed to make it to my house so now it probably won't reach me until Tuesday. :-(

The reason for this post is that the winner from my "A Wicked Giveaway" contest failed to respond and claim her prize. I have removed her entries and picked a new winner. *drum roll* please....

...and the winner is STEPHANIE O. Congrats! She has been e-mailed and again there is a 48hour window for her to respond.

Thanks for popping in.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Wicked Giveaway Winner!

Hey everyone! I am having some computer issues recently so I haven't been able to post any new pictures. I think my power supply died so I have a new one on the way. I'm using my hubby's computer for now and it doesn't have the card reader slot my for my camera chip. I can still post though so I'm here to announce the winner from my A Wicked Giveaway contest!

*CONGRATS TO ENTRY #5 GFC B.*  The winner has been sent an email from me and will have 48 hours to respond or I will pick a new winner. Thanks everyone for participating and for following my blog. 

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest

Hey all. I hope you remembered Daylight Savings Time ended early this morning and took advantage of that extra hour of sleep. (:

Today's NotD is from Jessica's stash. It's OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest. When she brought this to my house I basically started drooling over it so she let me borrow it. What a good sister. This color is just beautiful. It's so fall and I love it.


OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest
This vampy fall color has black and red specs inside of a deep purple base. It looks very burgundy but at times morphs to a more purple look. It's not the most cuticle friendly of colors but it applies smoothly and easily so long as you don't flood your nail with polish.

It's nice to have a polish addict sister. (: So many of her colors I wish were mine.

Thanks for popping in!

Friday, November 2, 2012

CHINA GLAZE Wicked Collection

Happy Friday fellow bloggettes. As you know I'm hosting a giveaway of the Wicked Collection 4-pack by China Glaze. Between the sister and I, we have the entire collection except for Make a Spectacle. So, here are the swatches of everything but.

Bizarre Blurple is exactly what the name says, a "blurple". That is to say it's not quite blue and not quite purple. I loved this color so much. It is completely gorgeous and the formula was fantastic.

CG Bizarre Blurple
Roguish Red is an orangey-red creme that also applies amazingly and has a rich saturation to it. It's probably more orange than red. I used this color in my pumpkin nail art for Halloween.

CG Roguish Red
Immortal is a cool toned grey and my sister's favorite of the bunch. If you zoom the photo you can see it has blue and purple shimmer that adds some punch to it.

CG Immortal
Cast a Spell is an olive green and gold shimmer packed into a black base. It's easy to work with and I think it's a wicked green for Halloween.

CG Cast a Spell
Glitter Goblin on top of having an awesome name, amiright?, it is a color-packed glitter party in a bottle. It has orange, purple, green, blue, gold, & silver glitter and it SCREAMS Halloween in a superbly festive manner. I used 3 coats to achieve a mostly full opacity without a base color.

CG Glitter Goblin
I wish I had Make a Spectacle so I could have full collection swatches, but alas, I do not.

This collection really grabbed my attention this year and I really love it. It was spot on to me. My collection is still growing so these are all unique additions for me, but I know a lot of girls probably wouldn't think blurple the most unique.  To me, I think Bizarre Blurple is my favorite of the lot.

Thanks for popping in!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Go Pink Wednesday

I'm back again today with my late Go Pink Wednesday post. This is the last installment from this challenge showing support for National Breast Cancer Awareness month which was during October.

For the last day I am giving another go at doing an ombre manicure. The first Go Pink Wednesday, Mandy, from Chameleon Stampede, did a seamless pink ombre manicure that I absolutely loved. Ombre is really big right now and I dig it on nails.

red to pink ombre
Zoya Sooki ombre
I only used 2 colors for this manicure; ZOYA Sooki and WETnWILD French White Creme. I mixed the red with the white for varying shades.

I had fun doing this challenge. My grandmother died from breast cancer before I was born. It's amazing how much world-wide support there is now to fund research that has saved thousands of lives. There is so much information out there and resources to help empower women to take control of their health and detect any possible problems early. The Susan G. Komen foundation website is a great start for those seeking any information or which to find out how to get involved.

October may be over but as women we should all help spread knowledge and information all year round. Thanks for popping in!

"This is Halloween" Recap

Good afternoon everyone. As you know, last night wrapped up the "This is Halloween" Nail Art Challenge hosted by Bec from Lacquer Dreams. I am just posting a recap of the designs I did for each challenge throughout October.

Thanks for popping in!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"This is Halloween" Recreate

Happy Halloween!!! Look how happy my huskies are for Halloween! Momma made them some Halloween bandanas from fabric I picked up at Walmart.

Dpow and Amoki excited that it's Halloween!
It's the final challenge in the "This is Halloween" Nail Art Challenge. The last theme is recreating your favorite manicure from another participant.

I absolutely loved what Overpolished did for the Jack-o-lantern challenge. The colors were amazing and the idea was great. Moonlight spilling over a jack-o-lantern, love.

Here is my recreation.

moonlight Jack-o-lanterns

I wish my nails were a bit longer so I could fit more pumpkin into them like Overpolished.

Colors used:
   • ZOYA Noel - base color
   • COLOR CLUB Worth the Risque - moons
   • WETnWILD Black Creme - pumpkins
   • CHINA GLAZE Ride the Waves - moonlight detail on pumpkins
   • ZOYA Arizona - light orange highlights
   • CHINA GLAZE Roguish Red - dark orange highlights

I had a lot of fun participating in this challenge. Boy it is a lot of work though kicking out so much nail art! I hope you all enjoyed what I had to share with you and I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween. Oh, and of course a HUGE shout out to Lacquer Dreams for hosting this fun challenge. (:

Make sure you check out my Wicked Halloween Giveaway! Thanks for popping in!

A Wicked Halloween Giveaway

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I have a special giveaway to celebrate my favorite holiday. I have dubbed it "A Wicked Halloween Giveaway" as per my post title.

Up for grabs will be 1 new 4 set China Glaze Wicked Collection! This set comes with Roguish Red, Glitter Goblin, Bizarre Blurple and Ghoulish Glow.

You must be 18 years or older to enter and this giveaway will not be open internationally. US residents only. The last day to enter is by 12:01am November 08, 2012.  The winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is picked.

I'm not going to make y'all jump through hoops to enter. All that is required is that you follow my blog via GFC. Comment if you'd like, but at max you can only have 2 entries. :-)

Thank you all for following and I hope you have a fantastic Halloween. Good luck ladies! :-)

* I have since added swatches of the Wicked Collection you can view here.
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"This is Halloween" Trick or Treat

Hey guys! Happy Devil's Night. (: I remember when I was little my Mom used to make us bring our Jack-o-lanterns inside this night each year in case hooligans came to smash them and make trouble! Oooh good memories.

The husband and I made a Jack Skellington pumpkin this year. I decided to match my trick-or-treat nails to our pumpkin. I feel that it's a broad enough theme that I could take artistic license and say this fits because all of the trick-or-treaters will pass our Jack Skellington pumpkin to come to our house. :-) Here are my nails and our pumpkin. I am super happy with both.

Jack Skellington nails
Jack Skellington
our Jack Skellington jack-o-lantern and some eyes in the bushes

:-D I used WETnWILD Black Creme and French White Creme and free-handed the design. I used this photo as my inspiration.

I hope you all have a great Devil's Night and protect your pumpkins from rowdy hooligans!

Tomorrow is the last night of the "This is Halloween Nail Art Challenge." I also have a special surprise planned so make sure to come back!

Thanks for popping in.

Monday, October 29, 2012

"This is Halloween" Graveyard

Hey all. I hope all my east coast followers are staying dry and safe indoors, riding out Sandy. I'm happy to report that my power seems to have held out through the wind gusts although it has been raining since Friday.

Today's Halloween theme is graveyard.

I went with a blue silhouette of a graveyard at night.

graveyard silhouette at night
I used ZOYA Cynthia as my base color and CG Ride the Waves for the cemetery. The moon and stars are white acrylic.

Thanks for popping in!

Friday, October 26, 2012

"This is Halloween" Witches

Friday is almost over and I'm squeezing in my Witch post for the "This is Halloween" nail art challenge!

I decided to do a Wicked inspired manicure using the Elphaba image from the playbill. I saw Wicked earlier this year with Jessica and my husband and it was a fantastic show. I highly recommend seeing it if you have not.

Elphaba nails
Wicked nails
Wicked Playbill inspired Elphaba nails

Colors used:
   • ZOYA Midori - Elphaba's face
   • ZOYA Ivanka - green triangles
   • ZOYA Sooki - Elphaba's lips
   • WETnWILD Black Creme - black triangles
   • Black Acrylic - Elphaba's hair and hat
   • CHINA GLAZE Fairy Dust - Glitter on Elphaba's hat

I think Ivanka looks great against the black. I used tape to get the clean edge on the triangle halves. I free handed Elphaba with a small art brush.

Oh yes, these photos were taken in my snazzy new light box! I just picked up a CFL Daylight bulb from Home Depot for it today. The sister and I both made ourselves one while she was visiting. More on this later. For now, I hope you all have a wonderful night.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Go Pink Wednesday - Matte Ombre Gradient

Happy Wednesday! October is National Breast Cancer awareness month and to show support I am blogging pink for Go Pink Wednesday. Of course, this is the 4th installment of this so most of you already know. (:

I sort of mushed a bunch of different styles together for this manicure. I have a pink to red ombre sponged gradient style and topped with my BL Matte Top Coat.

pink ombre gradient featuring ZOYA Sooki
pink ombre gradient featuring CG Go Go Pink
pink ombre gradient featuring ZOYA Kimber
I started with CG Go Go Pink as my base color and then sponged on ZOYA Kimber in the middle then ZOYA Sooki on my tips. When my polish was dry I topped it with my Butter London Matte Finish Top Coat.

If you are wondering if there is anything you can do to help raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness then the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure might be just the thing for you. This race is an international success helping to raise money to battle breast cancer. You can participate in a race or simply pledge your support for someone who is. To find a race near you check out this Susan G. Komen website.

Thanks for popping in and help spread awareness.

Monday, October 22, 2012

"This is Halloween" Gradient

Hey, all. I'm back with the Gradient theme in the "This is Halloween" nail art challenge. Jessica did a gradient for it as well. It's always fun to have someone painting their nails with you. We did them on the couch watching Burn Notice.

I did a gold and white gradient using BARRY M Gold Foil sponged over WETnWild White Creme. I then freehanded black stripes on to make a mummy effect and then used a dotting tool to add eyes.

Mummy Nails over gold/white gradient
BARRY M Gold Foil sponged over white
Jessica used ZOYA Arizona and sponged SH Lustre Shine Lava for her gradient.

ZOYA Arizona & SH Lustre Shine Lava

I greatly enjoyed my sister's visit and she gave me some more polishes to borrow! (:  Even though I had to hand over Creepy Pumpkin.

Thanks for popping in!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

"This is Halloween" Bats

Good evening! I am so late with this post, I know. My apologies! My sister, Jessica, is visiting me this weekend and we both did bat nails for the challenge (I coerced her) and I haven't had a chance to post them. So, better late than never.

Here are my nails inspired by this pinterest post:

Bats on a glitter backdrop
bat nails
Colors used:
   ● CHINA GLAZE Bizarre Blurple - base color
   ● CHINA GLAZE Fairy Dust - glitter over base color
   ● ZOYA Arizona mixed with White & CHINA GLAZE Lemon Fizz - moon
   ● Black and White acrylic for the bats

Jessica's nails:

Colors used:
   ● OPI Deutsche You Want Me Baby - base color
   ● CHINA GLAZE Fairy Dust - glitter over base color
   ● Black acrylic - bats

We both freehanded our bats. Jessica used a toothpick while I used a dotting tool. Isn't Deutsche You Want Me Baby gorgeous?!

I will have some posts to come of some of the crafts we did while she was here. (: Have a great evening! I will be back on schedule tomorrow with the next Halloween Challenge!

Thanks for popping in!