Monday, April 30, 2012

ZOYA Earth Day Promo Arrived!

Happy Monday, girls! My order from Zoya's Earth Day Exchange arrived today! YAY FOR NAIL MAIL! :D

I think these 6 polishes are the most I have bought at once. I am so excited to wear my new beauties! From left to right the colors I picked are Robyn, Poppy, Zara, Midori, Arizona & Maisie.

I got some other goodies in my box as well. Here are my Zoya Haul pictures!

my babies wondering what their mommy got
Robyn, Arizona, Midori, Zara, Poppy & Maisie

Zoya Anchor base coat
Beach & Surf Collection Color Spoons
sugar scrub freebie
mini 2oz Zoya Remove freebie
The sugar scrub and Zoya Remove were both free with my purchase for having spent over a certain amount. I love that small bottle of remove though, it will be great for traveling. I also really like that my box came with the color spoons because it's nice to be able to hold it up to my hand and see the colors in person. The only color I  have from the Surf and Beach Collection as of now is Arizona so we shall see what other shades I am going to undoubtedly want now that I have the spoons.

What colors did you get from Zoya's Earth Day Exchange this year if you participated?

Thanks for popping by!


  1. I picked up Cho, Trixie, Caitlin, Zuza, Kym, and Kimber. I was the most excited when I saw Kimber, which is sooo much prettier in person!

  2. Great choices! Kimber really is pretty.

  3. I picked up Robyn, Midori, Arizona, and Zara too! In addition to 21 other colors...I was really naughty. And I love Zoya Anchor! And the grapefruit scrub is amazing!

    1. Wow, sounds like you had a great Zoya haul!


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