Monday, March 12, 2012

Wicked Weekend

Hello, ladies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. My oldest sister, Jessica, came to visit from Maryland to come see Wicked with the hubby and me. It was a fantastic show which I have been yearning to see since it came out! We went on a small Sally's trip and did our nails and then we had what my sister proclaimed to be a "Pintrest Day". We chose crafts and food found via Pintrest and made a day out of it.

First, I will start with our polish haul.

We dug into the China Glaze Magnetix display and each chose 2 colors because their special is buy 2 Magnetix get the magnet free. I grabbed Drawn to You and Attraction while Jessica nabbed You Move Me and Cling On. We both tried to swatch and didn't have much success. You Move Me is a blue that had the best effect with the magnet. My purple, Drawn to You really seemed like a dud. Many of the reviews on this collection say the magnet it weak and maybe that was why we were struggling. For now, these polishes will go un-swatched though. The other polishes in the picture are 2 Savvy polishes that were on sale 99cents each: Gotcha Grape and Totally Teal, then the  mini polish up front is a Sally's scented polish: Lime. We both bought new nail buffers and my sister renewed her Sally's card and got a free ion product, she chose their dry shampoo.

Now just some random photos from our "Pintrest Day!"

link to Pintrest tutorial
fried egg in orange pepper with candied bacon and St. Patty's colored deviled eggs
hasselback potatoes
Chicken Pot Pie mini biscuit muffins with kale

Here are links to the pinned food tutorials: baked hasselback potatoes, chicken pot pie biscuit muffins, fried egg stuffed pepper.

We unsuccessfully attempted to make a homemade face mask as well out of peaches and honey and yogurt, but it didn't turn out. We both also did St. Patty's themed polishing while we were watching The Big Bang Theory, but I will post those pictures in a separate post.

Check back in later today for her mani and my pedi! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you can find Pintrest as inspiring as we did. :-) It's great fun!

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