Friday, November 2, 2012

CHINA GLAZE Wicked Collection

Happy Friday fellow bloggettes. As you know I'm hosting a giveaway of the Wicked Collection 4-pack by China Glaze. Between the sister and I, we have the entire collection except for Make a Spectacle. So, here are the swatches of everything but.

Bizarre Blurple is exactly what the name says, a "blurple". That is to say it's not quite blue and not quite purple. I loved this color so much. It is completely gorgeous and the formula was fantastic.

CG Bizarre Blurple
Roguish Red is an orangey-red creme that also applies amazingly and has a rich saturation to it. It's probably more orange than red. I used this color in my pumpkin nail art for Halloween.

CG Roguish Red
Immortal is a cool toned grey and my sister's favorite of the bunch. If you zoom the photo you can see it has blue and purple shimmer that adds some punch to it.

CG Immortal
Cast a Spell is an olive green and gold shimmer packed into a black base. It's easy to work with and I think it's a wicked green for Halloween.

CG Cast a Spell
Glitter Goblin on top of having an awesome name, amiright?, it is a color-packed glitter party in a bottle. It has orange, purple, green, blue, gold, & silver glitter and it SCREAMS Halloween in a superbly festive manner. I used 3 coats to achieve a mostly full opacity without a base color.

CG Glitter Goblin
I wish I had Make a Spectacle so I could have full collection swatches, but alas, I do not.

This collection really grabbed my attention this year and I really love it. It was spot on to me. My collection is still growing so these are all unique additions for me, but I know a lot of girls probably wouldn't think blurple the most unique.  To me, I think Bizarre Blurple is my favorite of the lot.

Thanks for popping in!


  1. Your swatches are lovely! Immortal is on my wishlist for sure! ^_^

    1. Thanks, Nikki. Immortal is very pretty and the shimmer makes it unique.


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