Thursday, November 1, 2012

Go Pink Wednesday

I'm back again today with my late Go Pink Wednesday post. This is the last installment from this challenge showing support for National Breast Cancer Awareness month which was during October.

For the last day I am giving another go at doing an ombre manicure. The first Go Pink Wednesday, Mandy, from Chameleon Stampede, did a seamless pink ombre manicure that I absolutely loved. Ombre is really big right now and I dig it on nails.

red to pink ombre
Zoya Sooki ombre
I only used 2 colors for this manicure; ZOYA Sooki and WETnWILD French White Creme. I mixed the red with the white for varying shades.

I had fun doing this challenge. My grandmother died from breast cancer before I was born. It's amazing how much world-wide support there is now to fund research that has saved thousands of lives. There is so much information out there and resources to help empower women to take control of their health and detect any possible problems early. The Susan G. Komen foundation website is a great start for those seeking any information or which to find out how to get involved.

October may be over but as women we should all help spread knowledge and information all year round. Thanks for popping in!


  1. Amoki! I'm honored! I love the ombre you did! It looks FANTASTIC :D

    1. Thanks much. (: Yours was one of the best ombre mani's I've seen.

  2. This is perfection! You did such a lovely job!

    1. Thanks Liesl! It definitely turned out better than my first ombre attempt.


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