Thursday, September 20, 2012

ZOYA Pink-Red Ombre

Good evening all. I was in the mood to be colorful today so I decided to try for my first ombre manicure. I chose to use only Zoya polishes. Although I have more Zoya than any other brand, I guess I don't quite have enough for a 5-shade ombre manicure. Well, I DO, but it's a bit of a jump. Jessica suggested I could have simply mixed white with one or more of the shades for an in between color, but this gal didn't consider that when I was painting.

Sooki, Tosca, Kate, Poppy & Melanie

Zoya ombre mani
I really like ombre manicures, I'm not sure this one hit the mark for me, but I would try it again. I might need to get into my sister's stash to make it work. Also, that photo is a prime example of why I always take my pictures outside, the lighting in my house is terrible! Kate (middle finger) is not that red at all. Although, I dig the shot of my bottles on the black glass.

I love all of these colors though so I'm not completely bummed with how it turned out. Have you tried out an ombre mani? I feel like it's harder than it seems to make it flow cohesively.

I'm debating participating in my first nail challenge for Halloween. What do you all think? Could this come and go blogger pull it off? Maybe it's the kick in the butt I need to dedicate myself to my blog more. Thanks for popping in!


  1. Replies
    1. Sooki was the first red I got for my collection and it's still my favorite.

  2. Your ombre looks so nice! <3 Sooki and Kate.

    I totally think you should do the challenge. I've done two, and they are challenging, especially if they stretch the limits of what you're used to posting. But they're a lot of fun, you push yourself in other ways beyond just blogging more, and you get to make new friends and have such a sense of camaraderie with your fellow bloggers. I hope you decide to! :)

    1. Thanks. (:

      I think I want to do it, I just hope I can do it. I appreciate the support.


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