Wednesday, September 19, 2012

COLOR CLUB Put a Pin In It

Hello, girls. As I said with my September Birchbox post, I would do a separate review/swatch on the Color Club mini I received in my box.

Put a Pin In It is a frosty, foil. It's exclusive from the Birchbox and Color Club custom collection. Described as a "gilded rose gold" which I think is spot on. It really has that rosey tint and yet has a pearly gold finish. I found that this formula was easy to work with. I would take a bit more care applying it because this foil does not like to be cleaned up off cuticles. It will leave behind a shiny mess from any acetone removal attempts. This is not because it floods into the cuticle, but in my case because I did it quick and I do not have the steadiest of hands.

COLOR CLUB Put a Pin In It - natural sunlight
COLOR CLUB Put a Pin In It
COLOR CLUB Put a Pin In It - artificial lighting
You can really see how rosey it is in the top picture taken in natural sun. The bottom picture I took indoors shows the gold in it.

I applied two coats with no top coat for these photos. I had full coverage from one coat, but depending on how thick or thin you tend to apply, you might need the second.

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  1. I got this in my Birchbox as well, I love it!

  2. I just love colors like this :) It looks gorgie on you, C!


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