Thursday, September 6, 2012

A England Tristam

HI LADIES! (= I have no good reason for neglecting my blog like I have been. I know I said in my last post I would post more and that it was nearly a month ago. Well, here is a BEAUTIFUL polish post for you today.

Jessica and I traded some polishes for a week or so. I lent her my Birchbox Blogger Trio, and she loaned me A England Tristam and Essie No Place Like Chrome as well as giving me a couple of polishes she had dupes of. Isn't she a great sister? :-)

So I am totally jealous of Tristam. Holy crap, the swatches I have seen do this polish no justice. It's absolutely stunning! All of the posts I have read and also the A England website list Tristam as being BLUE. However, I guarantee you arguments can be made that this polish is very purple. My husband refused to acknowledge it was blue at all and my sister even had it grouped up with her purple swatches instead of her blue. I mean, when you see it with other blues, it really sticks out as being deeply deeply purple, and yet when it's just being gorgeous on your nails, it shifts to being blue and purply-blue. Granted, I don't think any captured pictures of mine strike me as a good foundation for a purple argument. I suppose you should take my word for it or else buy this FREAKING AWESOME POLISH!!! okok, pictures now.

A England Tristam - direct sunlight
A England Tristam - shaded natural light
A England Tristam - indoor artificial light
Yes, my pictures definitely fit the polish description of being a midnight blue. Mmm, I loved wearing this so much. I had it as my mani and my pedi. It applied flawlessly and I only used 1 coat. I was mostly just trying to by frugal and not use up a lot of my sister's polish but also it looked great with just the 1 coat.

Well, that wraps it up for today. I have missed sharing my polish adventures with all of you lovely readers. Thanks for popping in!


  1. Well, it's a beautiful color, whatever color it is. ;) I really need to get me some A Englands already.

    1. Me too. Borrowing this gave me a hankering for one of my own.

  2. I need to lend you more polishes to swatch, your pictures will do them more justice than any of mine!

  3. Also for the record, I do acknowledge that Tristam is supposed to be blue, I just have too many blue swatches on my blue wheel already and at first glance it does seem very purple. To me it seems very similar in shade to China Glaze Skyscraper, which is another blue-that-looks-very-purple color.


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