Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Birchbox 2012

Hello all. My Birchbox arrived yesterday, woohoo! You all know how I feel about my Birchboxes. It's my monthly gift to myself. (:

This month I received a nail polish. Score! I ♥ boxes with nail polish.

September 2012 Birchbox
Twistband & Color Club polish
COLOR CLUB Put a Pin In It

I really like getting the twistbands in my boxes. I personally think they are overpriced to ever actually buy, so I like getting them as samples ($22 for a 12pack, that's 2 dollars for a small piece of elastic...no thank you!). I have 2 of the ponytail twistbands and 1 headband of the same material. They are comfortable and they don't snag and pull at my hair.

The mini polish from Color Club was a nice treat. As I said, boxes with polish are my favorite. I wasn't too sure about this color in the bottle, but I thought it was surprisingly flattering with my skin tone. I will do a separate post on this foil polish.

The WEI to Go Sleep Over kit is the perfect size to toss in a bag for traveling or to use after a workout at the gym. The full size comes in the same style resealable pack for the moisturizing face tint and a small tube for the gel cleanser.

I struggle with oily, acne prone skin so I love facial cleansing samples. I'm still raving about my Origins Checks and Balances cleanser I got in my January box. The Vasanti sample is an exfoliating cleanser.

I tried out this Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir perfume and I am not a fan. It is not my taste (or I guess my smell).

The Brush Guards are an extra treat as well as the Fall Lookbook. I usually use whatever applicator my makeup comes with because I haven't personally figured out brushes yet. I am sure these are fantastic for keeping your bristles like new. The few brushes I use for my nail art tend to end up with whacky bristles, and this guard would be just the thing to keep your expensive makeup brushes in-tact.

Well, that concludes yet another month of Birchbox. If you're interested in receiving awesome samples like these for only $10 a month delivered right to your door, here is my RAF link.

As always, thanks for popping in!


  1. I think Jasmin Noir smells so good! Looks like a fun box this month, minus the fume, in your case, lol.

    1. I tend to gravitate more towards fruity smells as opposed to floral scents. And leafy smells like eucalyptus, mint and teas.


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