Friday, May 11, 2012

ZOYA Robyn and Maisie

T.G.I.F!!! right?! Today I switched from greens to blue! Yay. I picked out ZOYA Robyn and Maisie as part of Zoya's Earth Day Exchange. Robyn is even more gorgeous than I thought. It's freaking fantastic! It really pops in the sun too. I am pre-warning you I have lots of pictures to share today. :-)

Robyn is an intense turquoise cream polish with an incredible sheen. I applied 2 coats of Robyn to achieve an even look and topped with seche vite. I did have some small issues with a little bit of bubbling, not sure what caused it. Prepare yourself for this beautiful blue...

direct sunlight
artificial lighting
in the shade
ZOYA Robyn ♥
All of the pigment in this polish just blows me away. I added Maisie as opposite accents on both of my hands. What I mean is that my left hand I have it on my ring and thumb, and my right hand it's on my pinky, middle and pointer. Maisie is one of Zoya's Fleck Effect Top Coats. It reflects a shifting turquoise and green color effect that is super fun.

Robyn ♥ Maisie
ZOYA Maisie over Robyn

I am so pleased with today's manicure. I LOVE the color. It's such a flirty blue that is bright and cheerful and is perfect for spring.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and thanks for popping in!

** I just noticed that even though I said I went from green to blue that Maisie still has the green in it! It REALLY has been a green week!

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