Saturday, May 5, 2012

ORLY Jealous, Much?

Evenin' ladies. I hope you all have been enjoying your weekend so far. The hubby and I went and saw The Avengers last night with a couple of friends and it was amazing! So much better than I was expecting and I was already expecting it to be good. We have plans to see it again tomorrow with some other friends. Yes, it was THAT good. :-)

Today the color I'm sharing with you is Jealous, Much? from ORLY's Cool Romance Collection. This color is a beautiful pastel mint shade. I applied 2 coats with no top coat in these photos.

artificial light
taken outdoors in overcast sunlight
ORLY Jealous, Much?

I couldn't get the best pictures of this polish in the sun like I usually do because it's been an overcast, rainy day. However, it doesn't really differ much from how it looks indoors.

Well, enjoy your evening, girls! Thanks for popping in!


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