Monday, May 21, 2012

LAYLA Flash Black

Happy Monday, ladies. I hope you didn't have the Monday blues today. Today started off rainy and then around 3pm I noticed the sun was out. I had to take advantage so I quickly took off Belle and grabbed one of my new Layla Holo's, Black Flash.

I have to say, if this color wasn't so incredibly stunning, I would hate it. The application made me super frustrated. It's my first more expensive polish and by far the worst to apply. A lot of girls in a facebook group I'm in told me I just need to practice a bit with holos and told me Nfu Aqua Base or a solid color under the holo helps a lot with application. The main issue was balding. If I even grazed over an area with the brush that already had polish, it grabbed back onto the brush and left a bald spot. The second coat gave me a bit of trouble, but I was able to smooth it out. Seeing my pictures cheered me back up though. I love this holo, it's amazing. All pictures taken in direct sunlight, which is like the ONLY way to view a holo in all of it's linear beauty.

Layla Flash Black

Ooooo yeah. Stun-ning. B-E-A-utiful. I suppose the application is worth it. Warning though: do not top coat because it kills the holo effect a little. Well, at least Seche Vite did. Luckily, I took all of these pre-top coat. Mmmm..../drool. I could just stare and stare. Ok ok. Enough of me. Thanks so much for poping in!


  1. Ahhh!!! So tastie!! I just picked up Mercury Twilight and I'm even more excited to try it out after seeing your nails.

    1. I originally wanted Mercury Twilight, but my sister is mailing me one of her silver holos she already has so I went with Mermaid Spell instead. I can't wait to see you wear it!


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