Sunday, May 13, 2012

May Birchbox 2012

Good afternoon fellow polish fanatics. Happy Mother's Day to all of you mommy's out there! I do hope you all had a lovely weekend, the husband and I sure did. We stayed home and lazed around and it was much needed! We haven't had a weekend to ourselves in a while and we won't be able to for the rest of the month. We took the dogs jogging and made lots of great meals, including this skillet lasagna I made that was impressively scrumptious. We watched Archer on Netflix, and if you have never seen Archer and you're into funny cartoons I HIGHLY recommend it. I whipped together some homemade waffles for breakfast and I have some honey sesame chicken in the crock pot for dinner. Oh, and my husband made some cookies this morning too! :-)

Ok, ok. I know this isn't a food blog so I will get on with it. The real topic here today is my May Birchbox! It's my little $10 present to myself each month. This month there was a Gossip Girls theme, although...I don't really see how they kept with the theme. Granted, I do not watch Gossip Girls so I suppose I couldn't accurately say... and there I go off on another tangent. Here is my box:

I love when I get nail polish in my Birchbox. The color club shade I got is Disco Nap. I saw that some girls got a Dior Mascara in their boxes too! If you love trying new beauty products, Birchbox is for you! You can't beat $10 delivered right to your door. There is a wait list currently for it, but if you're interested here is my referral link.

On top of my Birchbox this month, I had enough points saved up that I had $20 to use in the shop. I'm sure many of you have already seen the limited edition Zoya Blogger Collection by Birchbox and my sister talked me into purchasing these three delicious jelly lacquers with my points. The trio is $22 exclusively through Birchbox.

From left to right the colors are Coraline, Kate and Belle. Each color was made and named for three bloggers whose mood color boards, inspired by their favorite spring/summer colors, were chosen. Coraline is a jelly tangerine, Kate is a jelly pinkish grapefruit and Belle is a coppery pink with specs of iridescent glitter. These shades are supposed to be great for layering as well as being beautiful on their own. I actually follow Kate's Blog (The Small Things Blog) and I love it. These will be so fun to try out and I have been yearning for some jelly polishes!

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday evening and thanks for popping by!


  1. Lucky you! That perfume looks kind of delicious and I'm stoked for you that you were able to get those Zoyas. I don't have them (yet... lol) but from what I've seen I think I like Kate the best. Can't wait to see your swatches!

    1. Kate is my favorite from the swatches too. I also REALLY liked the layering the Zoya Faeries did on the ZOYA FB page with Arizona and Coraline.


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