Monday, January 30, 2012

Very Merry Berry

I borrowed today's color from my sister's stash. Very Merry Berry, from the Color Club holiday Scent-suous Collection, is a mix of purplish-pink hexagonal flakes and smaller blue flaky glitter in a clear base. It has a pleasant, if not a bit strong, berry aroma to it. I wonder how long the scent will stay so pungent for. We shall see. So, I got it in my head that I would sponge Very Merry Berry over Julep Anne gradient-style. Fail. Turns out flaky glitter does not sponge the same way sparkle polish does. It all wanted to stick to the sponge and I ended up having to wipe it on my nail. So, one nail in, I just decided to use the brush to apply it. Still, not the best scenario. The flakes all sort of stacked and clumped on the tips. I did my pointer and thumb full nail and that was easier to apply. The flakes are really easy to manipulate around where you want them with the brush. Well, here are the results:

natural light

shaded light
I like these colors together and I dig the big flakes. I'm not completely sold on how it looks with just the tips done. I MUCH prefer the full-nail look with this particular polish. Either way, this is a fun polish and I'm glad my sister loaned it to me. (= See you all next time!

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