Thursday, January 5, 2012

JULEP Helena

Hello ladies. My husband picked out today's color. He chose one of my new ones, Julep Helena. This color has so much pigment you could probably get away with 1 coat! It's a very pretty, ultra saturated, fuchsia. Julep says it works with all skin tones. Indoors this color leans more towards a purple, but outdoors it really popped as a bright pink. It applied very smoothly and dried very fast. However, when the color dried it was very flat. There really was no sheen to it at all,  but I would not go so far as to say it was matte. Not even close, just flat. I topped it with my new Julep topcoat which gave it that glossy finish and smoothed out the look. Dry time wasn't too bad either, but it stunk! Take a look at this morphing fuchsia!

natural lighting

indoor lighting
fluorescent lighting

See what I meant about looking more purple indoors? I really didn't get a good picture of a true representation of how this color looks in person, but it's lovely. I always find it intriguing just how much lighting changes the look of certain polish colors.

Hope you all have a great night and thanks for stopping by!

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