Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blue Print

It's officially a new year! My last post was Tinsel Town for New Years and I was most disappointed about the wear on it. I applied it on the 30th and by yesterday the tips were all worn! I guess that can happen with glitters though. So, a new manicure was in order for today, enter- Barry M: Blue Print (instant nail effect: crackle 315). I LOVE the color on this crackle! It's amazing. I applied a thin coat over Papier Mâché . Now, this post is for Blue Print and not the white, but the more I use this white, the less I like it. I cannot apply it without messing up constantly, it's so thin and watery and I have issues with it balding. This manicure didn't turn out the best because by the time I was able to stop fussing with my base color, it was already such a mess I just slapped Blue Print on over it. If anyone has any great application/full coverage white polish they adore you can recommend for me I would be most appreciative. Now, back to Blue Print!

Amoki checking out her Momma's nails.

Even though I feel this wasn't my best work, I love this look and this color. You can see with my middle finger what happens if you apply too thickly, it doesn't really crackle so much. Well, I hope you all had a great New Years Eve. Stop by again!

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