Sunday, July 8, 2012

LAYLA Mermaid Spell

Boy is it HOT outside! The sun is out in full force so I figure what better time to whip out another holo polish. (:

Mermaid Spell from Layla is a linear holographic. It has a thin formula that is hard to work with. It streaks and I had some balding. I used 3 coats and probably should have added a 4th to even it out. The only thing this polish has going for it is that it is beautiful. Completely gorgeous.

LAYLA Mermaid Spell - direct sunlight

So many different color particles in this! I LOVE the green in it against the blue. Holographic polish is made for the summer. They really dance in the sunlight.

Having had 2 bad application experiences with Layla's polish (Flash Black being the other) I don't plan on ever buying Layla again. It's too expensive for a sub-par application.

Thanks for popping in!


  1. You are sooooo talented holy cow!

  2. Holy smokes, how did I miss this? I just did a google search on Mermaid Spell and yours was one of the first links to show up. So gorgeous! I need more Laylas in my life. ;)

    1. I felt like I had Cinderella nails while I was wearing this. It's that pale of a blue and the holo effect added to the magical feel. I'm corny :-P


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