Sunday, July 1, 2012

CHINA GLAZE Ride the Waves

Happy July, girls! Last night the hubby and I saw Ted. It was quite silly. We are Family Guy fans so something directed by Seth MacFarlane is right up our ally.

I decided I needed some bright pop of color in my life today to contrast the sheer I've had on for quite a while. I grabbed CHINA GLAZE Ride the Waves (from the CG Summer Neons Collection) out of my stash and it fit my mood.

Ride the Waves is a deep cerulean jelly. It's GORGEOUS! The formula was a little bit on the sheer side and I applied 3 coats. 2 coats the color was great, but I wanted a bit more coverage and a little less VNL. I topped it with Seche and took my photos in the summer sun.

Ride the Waves - direct sunlight
Ride the Waves - shaded natural light
Ride the Waves - artificial lighting
CHINA GLAZE Ride the Waves
I know the artificial lighting photo is on the grainy side, but it was the only photo I got that showed just how deep of a blue this one really is.  I love that I have another great jelly in my stash.

Enjoy your evening and thanks for popping by!


  1. AHH! I', so tempted by this one! Scrangie compared it to IKB:2012 and since then, I've been so curious about it. I already have Revlon Royal, though, so I don't know how many possible dupes or near-dupes I need to have before I'll be satisfied... really, I just want the real thing, but that looks to be increasingly improbable. lol. Anyhoo, beautiful color and great swatches. :)

    1. Why thank you, Liesl. Blues are always so tempting to buy for me. I am most glad I got this one.

  2. Replies
    1. I know, right? There is always a shade of blue to go with ones mood.


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