Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Butterfly Gradient Skittles

Welcome back, ladies! Boy is it HOT outside today. It's going to get even hotter as the week goes on for us here in VA. I decided on doing more nail art today. My last nail post I did ladybugs, today I have butterflies! This one is also a re-creation from a Pintrest find originally done by Beads. Nails. Food. Pairing the gradient with the butterfly look was so gorgeous I immediately bookmarked it in my head to do later. I have been getting a nice little collection of shimmer polishes so I decided to pair a shimmer with a corresponding color for my gradient. Lots of polishes and pictures for this one so hunker down there, girls.

Butterfly Gradient

butterflies and flowers (that's a Gerbera daisy from my garden)
Little Miss Amoki admiring Momma's nails from afar.
Dpow smelling the daisy
Skittle Gradients before butterfly-ification
Colors used:
   ● thumb: ZOYA Midori w/ ZOYA Ivanka
   ● pointer: ZOYA Arizona w/ ZOYA Myrta
   ● middle: ZOYA Lolly w/ ZOYA Kimber
   ● ring: ZOYA Robyn w/ ZOYA Charla
   ● pinky: JULEP Anne w/ ZOYA Zara
   ● KONAD Special Polish in Black
   ● White Acrylic

all the polishes I used for this look!
I told you I used a lot! It took a while to achieve this look. I started with 2 coats of each base color (the ones listed first under colors used) and let it completely dry. I then used a small makeup sponge and applied the shimmery colors (second colors listen under colors used) on the tips down partially to the middle of each nail. I let this dry and then applied Seche Vite. It helps to use a top coat before adding nail art so if you mess up it's easier to remove your mistake without mussing up your base color too much. After that was dried I used my small art brush and freehanded the black butterfly lines and then added the dots with white acrylic using my dotting tool. After the detailing was COMPLETELY dry, I topped once again with Seche Vite to smooth out the look and help make it last. When adding top coat over any sort of nail art be sure it's 100% dry. If it isn't, the drag from the brush can smear your work.

Phew! Hope you could follow all of that. I love my summer toes and nails! I kind of have a mixture of things going on here; skittles, gradient, nail art... :-)

Thanks for popping in!


  1. I absolutely LOVE the colors you used; some of my faces in there, and Ivanka is next on my list of Zoyas I must have. I've been really wanting some greens lately. Anyway, your butterflies are gorgeous over all that color. Enjoy the heat! It was pretty hot over here this past weekend; I love it. :)

    1. Thank you, Liesl! After I got the Mod Mattes, Ivanka and Charla were my next two Zoyas. They are both completely beautiful. Ivanka was such a perfect name for that green. I enjoy the weather too but my poor huskies are not big fans.

  2. Beautiful manicure! And such lovely colors.

    1. Thank you, KB. Zoya has so many pretty polishes.

  3. What a gorgeous gradient manicure. The butterfly look is a bonus, and beautiful!! :)


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