Thursday, June 14, 2012

ZOYA Nail Mail

Wow! I can't believe that my "Take Three Free Zoya Pintrest Contest" trio is here already! That was quick. A few nights ago there was a code to use to get the 3 top picked colors from the Beach and Surf Collection from their pintrest contest for free, just pay shipping. There were 2000 codes available for use. The 3 top-voted colors were Kimber, Zuza & Myrta. I am psyched about Zuza & Kimber! I didn't personally vote for Myrta, I was hoping for one of the creams, but nevertheless at least I didn't already own it.

Zoya Nail Mail - Take 3 Free Pintrest Contest Trio
Myrta, Zuza & Kimber

Well this brightened my morning which was made irksome by the landscaping company that takes care of our housing community. Last year they "accidentally" dug out flowers I had around a bush because they "didn't see them"... right .... This morning I look out my window and all of my flowers are covered in debris from a tree they over-trimmed and a couple of them were smooshed! UGH! I had actually just trimmed that tree earlier in the week so all they did was make it look bald and muss up my garden in the process. I confronted a few of the workers and they told me they would clean it up and I told them to stay away from my flowers and I would take care of it because I didn't trust them not to do more damage. I was working outside when mail came so when I went back inside my new zoya package was sitting up against the door and it made me happy again. Oh nail mail, how you brighten one's day.

Check back in later today for some nail art I'm working on. Well, thank you for popping in!

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