Friday, December 16, 2011

Red-Nosed Reindeer

To jazz up my Zoya Kennedy mani, I added a holiday decor to it. I free handed red-nosed reindeer using 2 art brushes. omg I love LOVE LOVE this mani!!! It's super festive and EVERYONE commented on it! I have to admit though, I am not the one who originally came up with this design. Sammy at The Nailasaurus is an amazing talented artist who came up with this, and many other, festive designs as part of her "12 days of Christmas" nails. I highly recommend you check out her blog.

I used the following colors in this mani:
         • China Glaze: Ring in the Red (noses)
         • Finger Paints: Paper Máché (eyes)
         • Zoya: Kennedy (base color)
         • China Glaze: IX (reindeer color)
         • China Glaze: Liquid Leather (reindeer outline)

As I said, I used art brushes to paint in the design. I found a pack of 4 different sized brushes from Michaels for around $4. If you are looking into getting a thin brush for detail work my advice is make sure you get a brush with strong bristles. If they're too flexible, your stroke will not be as fluid or precise. Also, do not try to dip your brush directly into your polish bottle, as this will most likely result in a huge excess of polish in a gloppy mess that is wasteful. Dab small amounts as needed onto some sort of smooth, non-porous surface. Same as recommended while using a dotting tool which is what I did the eyes with. Also, something to keep in mind while doing nail art is that you need to keep in mind whatever you design with your dominant hand will have to be replicated with your non-dominant hand, so don't go too detailed that you can't achieve a similar look on both hands.

Now on to how I painted this look. First I had my 2coat base color of Zoya Kennedy topped with Seche Vite. Then I used a fine brush to add the shape of the reindeer. Using my smallest brush I then outlined the shape in black then proceeded to fill in the extra details, eyes and noses.  I also used a thin coat of white before I painted on the red noses because Ring in the Red is a very thin polish that wouldn't have shown to it's fullest potential over a deep, dark brown. The design looked a bit rough at first, but after it FULLY dries, I topped again with Seche Vite and it gave it a smooth, glossy look. So if you are doing nail art with a fine brush and think it doesn't look smooth, don't worry because your top coat will help take care of that! (=

I hope you feel inspired to do some festive nail art of your own! Merry Christmas nailaholics!!


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