Sunday, December 25, 2011

Noel Meets Twila

Christmas is finally here! I hope you all had an amazing day with your loved ones. The husband and I had a nice  morning with coffee and cinnamon rolls and presents for each other and the dogs. Then we went to see the new Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. VERY good movie. Unfortunately we couldn't spend today with family because the military only gives out 1 leave period between Thanksgiving and Christmas and we went down to FL and GA to visit my husband's side at Thanksgiving. We did Skype a bit with my family this morning though. My husband bought me a new mouse and hard drive for my computer :-D :-D (we are avid gamers, mostly WoW) and the most delicious smelling Shea Sugar Body Scrub in coconut lime scent. We also got ourselves a Magic Bullet. I gifted him a fire pit for outside this year.

Holiday fun aside, time for some more polish! I jazzed up my Noel manicure I showed yesterday, with it's sister from the Gems and Jewels collection, Twila. Each of the 3 metallics I mentioned have a coordinating bar glitter! That's right, BARS of glitter. GORGEOUS! I loved Noel so much that I just taped off a diagonal and added glitter to just 1 side. I would say Twila is really more of a layering glitter, but I didn't try it myself. I imagine if you were to try to get full coverage with it, it would take a few coats. That being said, the bars in this glitter tend to have a mind of their own. This is one polish you do NOT want to skip a topcoat with, and I would be very generous with it, to keep this glitter in place. I even went as far as to tweeze some of the bars that stuck out past my nails to give it a cleaner look. Here are some pics...

Indoor Lighting
Natural Lighting
Can you see those awesome bars of glitter goodness?! I forgot to mention in my Noel post that the Gems and Jewels collection is limited time only for the holidays. The 3 metallics and 3 bar glitters won't be available from Zoya for much longer! D:


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